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Most of functionality, including joining some already existing projects or creating a new one is available to registered users only
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Beta version of the Dogezer platform is a preview release for capacity assessment, testing, and bug fixing. Beta version is not fully tested by Dogezer. It is responsibility of the user to protect the user’s data while using Beta version. Beta version is offered "AS-IS" and does not carry any warranties by Dogezer or include any support services by Dogezer. Dogezer makes and user receives no warranties in connection with the Beta version of the Dogezer platform. The Dogezer takes no responsibility and no liability for any content posted, stored or uploaded by user or any third party and for the misuse of the Beta version of the Dogezer platform. Dogezer retains ownership of all rights, title and interest to the Dogezer platform. Use of Beta version of the Dogezer platform constitutes your acceptance of the above conditions, Terms of Use, and Privacy policy of Dogezer

Please note that while we will try to keep your data intact during database redeployments for Beta version, it may happen that some pieces of data could get lost.